Longmont Pickleball Club

About Us

Longmont Pickleball Club Mission Statement

The Longmont Pickleball Club (LPC) will continue to develop and grow the sport of
pickleball in Longmont, Colorado by:

  • Providing a unified message regarding pickleball concerns and activities to the governing bodies of the City of Longmont and to the community at large. In particular, to advocate for additional pickleball courts in the City of Longmont.
  • Providing opportunities to play pickleball for players of all skill levels.
  • Promoting pickleball activities in an atmosphere of safety, friendliness, and fair play within the Longmont community.

Board of Directors

Co-Chairperson – Brett Sloan (sloan.brett.a@gmail.com )

Co-Chairperson - Jean Cable (jean_cable@yahoo.com)

Directs the overall activities of the Longmont Pickleball Club, Inc in accordance with its bylaws and policies.

Secretary – Abby Brause (a.brause@comcast.net)
Maintains Longmont Pickleball records, Board meeting minutes, and member roster.

Treasurer – Luke Froelich (lukefroelich@gmail.com)
Handles Longmont Pickleball Club finances and business management.

Event Coordinators – Jean Cable (jean_cable@yahoo.com)
Coordinates LPC play, ladder play, LPC tournaments and special events for all skill levels.

Board Member At Large – Patty Doran (cdmdorans@aol.com)
Will perform duties assigned by the Chairperson, and coordinates and contacts sponsors for the club.

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